THE MISTERS DOPPE-HART are a conjoined entity whose diametric constituent parts are separated upon a full moon, by THE BOSS WITCH. With the diminutive ‘conscience’ twin removed, the hulking abomination named ARTHUR is free to murder in The Boss Witch’s name. They must, however, fuse back together by sunrise lest both twins die.

Under The Rabbit Moon is a tragedy, in the style of horror, aimed at a teenage audience (both early and late teens). This is a delicate balancing act given that certain sensitivities must be taken into account, whilst acknowledging that most members of the target audience are desensitised significantly due to the availability (rightly or wrongly) of sensitive content online. This is an unpleasant fact. 

These facts need to underpin my overall portrayal of menace and fear. The central theme is a fear of death on three counts. First, and most obvious, is Arthur’s overbearing will to survive at all costs fuelled by the fear of one’s own demise; second is a fear of death inflicted on others; third, a more opaque aspect, is the death, or suspension, of morality on each occasion that Cedric and Arthur are separated. These are Under The Rabbit Moon’s bedrock.

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