The rains have not fallen for a significant period and drought threatens the hegemonic V’Arlindeh people of Central Ulnye. ARIN, a eunuch, must commit tragic and brutal patricide in order to prompt sorrow from the rain goddess, TEMAJU, whose tears will fall as rain.


ARIN: This tale’s protagonist was won as a prize after his father was killed during ritual combat. Arin, the infant, was brought to market and subsequently purchased by THE SHAMAN OF CLOUDS. He was duly castrated and entered into The Cult of Temaju. He upheld religious ceremony, guided by The Shaman of Clouds, who is Arin’s adoptive father.


THE SHAMAN OF CLOUDS / EXRYN: This is the current arbiter of ceremony within the V’Arlindeh religion, with emphasis on Temaju plus regulating rainfall. He is deemed spiritually impotent due to the enduring drought, and is to be replaced by his beloved adoptive son.

Following a lengthy and complex ceremony, The Shaman of Clouds is deposed. His body is purged of all divinity afforded to it. Accordingly, this character reverts to EXRYN. This character phase is to be sacrificed with impunity, since it is no longer sacred.


TEMAJU: The goddess of rainfall and compassion. She must be provoked to sorrow, so her tears fall as rain. However, she is presently inured to rituals enacted by the current SHAMAN OF CLOUDS, which has led to drought and famine.

AKERIN-VUL: This manifestation of a malicious sun god, known by several names, is responsible for Temaju’s lack of focus. He has drawn her attention away, through acts of ritualised violence enacted by his followers. He is represented by two vulture-like entities who act as missionaries.


THE OBSERVER: First within the V’Arlindeh territories, this entity spent a couple of decades covertly observing, and directing messages to Akerin- Vul at the speed of thought.

ATKIH: This is an example of a vulture-like being, known as Emissaries. This individual is twice the size of his subordinates. He frequently perches upon sacred constructions, encouraging their defilement. A herald of corruption, leader of Akerin-Vul’s missionaries.

THE COPPERMEN: These are the V’Arlindeh’s gods made flesh. There is a stratum in place, with each placed in a sacred area. The rank of each is indicated by their proximity to the sky; the most important are closer to the sky.

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